Phonak Hearing Aids are for everyone!

Phonak has the right hearing aid for you – regardless of your type of hearing loss, your lifestyle, your personal preferences, your age or your budget.

Phonak nano

Phonak Nano, Phonak Hearing Aid


Let your hearing aids go unnoticed – just wear and enjoy!

Phonak nano is more than just a tiny hearing aid. It is an outstanding combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size.
Using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials, Phonak nano is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal. Enjoy wearing comfort while consistently experiencing outstanding sound quality.

The Phonak nano is for mild to moderate hearing loss. With Phonak AmbraPhonak Solana and Phonak Cassia it is available in three  levels to suit your personal preferences or budget.

WaterResistant solutions

Phonak has developed a portfolio of WaterResistant products, designed for people who are interested in high performing and higly reliable hearing aids. These products are water, sweat, moisture and dust resistant. Embrace the unexpected joys of life with confidence instead of planning your life around them!

A WaterResistant solution is available at three performance levels to suit your personal preferences or budget.

Phonak FM bridges the gap

For the purpose of understanding speech in loud surroundings or across long distances, the performance of a radio-based FM extension is simply unbeatable.

FM Receivers

Phonak Dynamic FM receivers offer industry-leading sound performance and features, while design-integrated receivers ensure the hearing aid’s svelte shape and clean lines are retained.

FM Transmitters

Designed for all types of listening environment ─ from the home or classroom to restaurants, outside and even in the car ─ Dynamic FM transmitters are built using cutting-edge FM technology, very easy-to-use and fully backwards-compatible with traditional FM systems.

More FM Solutions

  • MyLink+ – Bringing Dynamic FM to T-coil hearing aid users
  • MLxi – Universal Dynamic FM receiver
  • inspiro – Discover Dynamic FM
  • SmartLink+ – Nothing less than the very best
  • ZoomLink+ – Bringing the sound you want directly to your ears
  • EasyLink+ – Making any conversation easier to follow

Wireless connection for listening enjoyment

Phonak wireless accessories turn a myriad of communication challenges into easily accessible listening delight. Gain access to the ever growing world of communication and entertainment media. Most Phonak hearing aids offer wireless connection to mobile phones, television sets, computers and MP3 players.